This is why Worms Armageddon is still the best game of the franchise

… And most likely of the entire strategy genre.

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you why this game made more than 20 years ago is still going strong to this day.
And no, it’s not just the huge level of customization and the rampant trolling (which don’t get me wrong are still great points in favor).


🟢 It’s the best Worms game ever

And everyone thinks the same: veterans, nostalgics, newbies, my grandmother…
Start from this one and you really can’t go wrong, actually, you’ll never move past it because it’s literally the best experience you can have with Worms — why would you exchange it for anything else? This is when the formula was polished at more than perfect level, and from now on I’ll tell you why.

Imagination is the limit

🟢 Infinite game modes (powered by YOU!)

Each one of those will drastically change how the game plays, so much so that at times you’ll feel like playing a whole different thing. Saying that this title has the most game modes out of any game in existence is really not an overstatement; there are literally thousands for the reason alone that the users themselves can create new ones (and if they end up being popular they will spread like fire).

Here’s an example. The other day I was playing Rope Shopper, a scheme which consists on moving and attacking around the map mainly with the rope, Spider-Man style (a very addictive accessory and its physics were nailed in this very entry. I know about people who play WA only for the so called “roping”, because there’s nothing quite like it in any other game of the industry), then the day after I was playing something completely different and way more strategic, like Intermediate. After that: Worms Board Game! Hell teah, you can even change the whole genre if you’re creative enough.

One of the many board games (open in a new tab if you want to see it in all its glory)

🟢 Create your own maps

As already mentioned, you not only can change the gameplay, but the levels too.

Donald Trump map? Piece of cake. Pornographic map? Sure, why not. The only limit is your own imagination. Oh and by the way, it’s not like the users have to manually download this stuff before playing with you: both schemes and maps are automatically there the moment you enter into a match-making room. It’s a very user-friendly title.

🟢 Modifiable soundboxes and gravestones

You should get it by now: everything here is customizable. You want your worms to say racial slurs when they are wounded? Just do it. You want your tomb to be a swastika, or maybe some male genitalia? Hey, if you’re that kind of guy, why not. One of my main teams is called “Jews”, and their leader is “Mark Zuckerberg”. I hate it when other teams try to gas me though, I find it very inappropriate and antisemitic from their side.

🟢 Mods and even official updates are still coming up

Yep, that’s right. The last update was this summer… Talk about dedication!
And if you just can’t get enough of it, the mods have you covered: more weapons, more actions per turn, more overall craziness.

Rope VS Bungee: who will win against the Armageddon?!

🟢 Every weapon and accessory has a reason to be there.

And now let’s talk about the gameplay per se, the core of it all: those wacky and devastating weapons… Just look how pros will use certain things. At first you may say “hey, this dude wasted a dynamite on a single worm, what a noob”, only to discover that he placed it on the right, exact pixel where it makes your beloved pink guy explode into orbit and then onto the ocean… Resulting in a killed worm instead of a mere 70+ damage.

Cases like these are numerous and you must use your arsenal wisely if you want to win this game. But of course, even pros may fail, and that’s the whole beauty of it.

This is how you use the Dragon Ball, pal.

🟢 Best physics I’ve ever seen in a game

At least for me, this is hands down the genuine truth. You’ll get what I mean the more you play.

🟢 Everyone is welcome to play

Newbies and veterans alike. Just don’t be a complete jerk and people will generally help you, whatever your question may be. This is one of the least toxic communities I’ve ever seen, it doesn’t matter if you want to play competitive games or the complete opposite, the most important thing is just to have fun and be respectful.

Of course, don’t rename your team with something like “Jews” if you’re playing against Israel… Who would create a team so silly and childish anyway.

🟢 The multiplayer is alive since ’99
(and it’s not a circlejerk of grandpas)

When you see that the most recent entries in the Worms series has less players (or even none) compared to WA, you’ll start to realize the kind of legacy we’re talking about.

And it’s not like the servers will shut down anytime soon either, because admins change from time to time: Team17 discontinued the service? Users themselves will host WormNET, then. These guys are that passionate.

Worst case scenario you can still play peer-to-peer, meaning there’s no need of any server whatsoever – just one or more friends to play with.

🟢 Single-player doesn’t joke either

Training Mode, Quick Matches, Custom Matches, Challenges and of course, the Campaign! The more you’re making progress, the more stuff you’ll unlock.

Everyone likes unlockables, right?

🟢 Sharing your replays was never so easy.

Every match you play is stored into the game folder as a replay file, weighing not more than a few kilobytes each. Just share that file on the internet and wormers from all over the world can watch it from the game itself; if you want a video file instead, there are a few methods that I won’t discuss because the following links will do that for me.

Don’t search paizuri on Google


🔴 What cons?

Very Important Links

Worms Knowledge Database: The best wiki about this game. Here you’ll find some very neat stuff; not only weapons and accessories, but even things like strategies, schemes, mods, replays, clans and individual users.

WMDB: A database with tons of maps in it. You can share your own or just download them (they’re simple .png files)

HostingBuddy can also use this website in order to randomly select maps… What’s HB? A neat, command-based way to host your games. However, the method I personally use is even simpler, it involves a few clicks and then… Your room is done. It’s called WormNAT2 and you can download it by clicking here.

To each their own — they both have their pros and cons albeit nothing so drastic or life changing.

The Ultimate Site: A hub which hosts a lot of neat stuff: downloadables, informations and even tournaments. It also serves as the main meeting point for wormers, with a very cool forum.

Worms Playlist: This is a bit of a self insert from my side. I had some games where I’ve spectated a veteran playing and I’ve learnt a lot from him. You may find it entertaining but for me it was enlightening as well. The link will redirect you to the whole playlist, as well as some extras like best shots montages. This one over here is mainly me after I became better and better by learning from the true masters.

The Wormer’s Anthem. This one is mandatory: the main theme of the game. You can smell the 90s from miles away with your nose clogged. Best part starts from 2:10… Just joking, you should listen all of it.


Still the best Worms game | +2🟢POINT
Endless Customization Possibilities | +5🟢POINTS
Still Being Updated/Modded | +2🟢POINTS
The Weapons (and overall Strategy) | +3🟢POINTS
Perfect Physics | +2🟢POINTS
User-Friendly | +2🟢POINTS
Generally Warm Community | +1🟢POINT
Multiplayer Is Still Alive | +3🟢POINTS
Single-Player Is Pretty Good | +2🟢POINTS
Replays Are Easy To Share | +1🟢POINT
Not A Single Fucking Negative Point | +2🟢POINTS

🟢 = 25 POINTS
🔴 = 0 POINTS

Worms Armageddon is a masterpiece

This would be all for Worms Armageddon. I hope I did justice to this magnificent masterpiece. If you want, I’ve also reviewed Worms Ultimate Mayhem, the best 3D rendition of the game. It doesn’t feel the same, a lot of mechanics had to be toned down because of the new take on the title, but nevertheless it’s a very enjoyable chapter in the series.