Space Hulk: Deathwing ANALYSIS

This is a spoiler-free guide for novice players and potential buyers. Here you’ll learn the following topics: retrospective of the game, list of possible bugs, as well as tips, tricks, pros and cons. Enjoy the read.

Monster Rancher 2 DX Complete Guide

How do I raise the perfect monster? What tips can you give me regarding drills, errantries and tournaments? How does combining work? How do I unlock more breeds? How can I strive for immortality? This and more, here!

A Boy and his Dog - THE Fallout Movie We Never Had

Rapes, death, famine, squalor, mutants, bandits, divergent minds, and the dystopian regime that inhabits the underground of this already utopian populace: this is “A Boy and his Dog”, an underappreciated movie which inspired Bethesda’s Fallout series.

Pang Adventures: A Blast from the Past

I usually don’t recommend reboots, remakes and/or dubious sequels since the formula teaches that one new game that has the same name of another is more often than not a pile of garbageā€¦ I’m glad there are some rare (if not unique) exceptions out there.

What an expensive mistake you turned out to be

Deus Ex: Human Revolution isn’t a bad game, but it really doesn’t feel like it should be: generic plot, bland level design, monotonous gameplay, forgettable soundtrack… Pretty much the opposite of the original. What a shame.

Top 20 Comfy Places in Video Games

It’s always magic when a few polygons can convey serene thoughts like “wow, I wish this location was real”, or “I want to live there!”