Pang Adventures: A Blast from the Past

I usually don’t recommend reboots, remakes and/or dubious sequels since the formula teaches that one new game that has the same name of another is more often than not a pile of garbage… I’m glad there are some rare (if not unique) exceptions out there.


  • Pure, unadulterated gameplay No microtransactions, no DLCs, no day-one patches, no Game as a service, no stealthy BS from greedy corporations. Just a nice little game with no frills.
  • Nostalgic arcade action Pang Adventures takes its predecessors and improves upon them by being more colorful, offering more levels, more game modes, local and online multiplayer, boss fights, tons of weapons and the introduction of new mechanics at every new level or so. It doesn’t feel lazy at all, this is a labor of love.
  • The multiplayer Speaking of which, the options to play this with your friends are very numerous. There’s even the possibility to play it with a single keyboard like the good old 90s.
  • Spot on soundtrack I’ll always cherish how soothing the Bora Bora track was.
  • Well made difficulty scaling Perfect for the mindless, fun game it wants to be (despite being hard as nails when it decides to)
  • Steam Achievements I guess if you mind about that sort of stuff you’ll find bread for your teeth.


  • Online multiplayer is dead
    But did you really expect something different from todays community?
  • Wasted opportunity to enable Workshop support
    It’s a game that would really benefit from it, yet sadly it’s not there.
  • The art-style is bland and childish
    Even more so than the originals, but again, judging by todays era it does not surprise me in the slightest. I try to just ignore it despite how hard it is to do so.

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