A Boy and his Dog - THE Fallout Movie We Never Had

Rapes, death, famine, squalor, mutants, bandits, divergent minds, and the dystopian regime that inhabits the underground of this already utopian populace: this is “A Boy and his Dog”, an underappreciated movie which inspired Bethesda’s Fallout series.

Pang Adventures: A Blast from the Past

I usually don’t recommend reboots, remakes and/or dubious sequels since the formula teaches that one new game that has the same name of another is more often than not a pile of garbageā€¦ I’m glad there are some rare (if not unique) exceptions out there.

So... What's The Secret Of Monkey Island?

Perhaps the secret was a plot device all along, just like the suitcase in Pulp Fiction. Maybe it’s something we had under our noses all the time… Maybe it’s the fourth-wall-breaking joke towards the ending of the first game.

The Resident Evil 4 Wannabe

Remember when Resident Evil jumped the shark with a brave fourth title and yet it turned out to be an impressive and fun game? Resident Evil Revelations is pretty much a RE4 wannabe…

The Masterpiece that was Blood

Easily one of the best and yet underrated game of its engine, if not of the whole old-school FPS genre. Don’t underestimate this game for its graphics because there’s plenty of fish to fry in this masterpiece developed by Monolith… and zombie meat to blow up.

The Welcomed Return of Star Control

The quintessential alien chatting simulator, overall a beloved space adventure game: Space Control Origins is the reboot of a famous series which went silent for way too long. It’s good to see it back.